About Me



Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog, Sweetwildflower, this blog is about things I am very passionate about, Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Photography, writing, and much more. There will be lots of recipes since I love to cook, I have been cooking for as long as I can remember, I think food is a really great way to bring people together, after all who doesn’t like to eat, I will be sharing all kinds of recipes with you all, Main Dishes, sides, desserts, holiday recipes, from the very simplest of recipes to the more challenging, I hope you will all cook along with me.

I also have a passion for writing, I have been writing down my thoughts on paper ever since I learned how to write, I love all the writing challenges, and Daily prompts as well, they inspire me to be a better writer.

Here are a few fun facts about me so you may get to know me better,

I am half Czechoslovakian, and half Italian, I have a beautiful Daughter who is grown and is living her dream life in London, I am married to a wonderful man His name is John, I have a best doggie her name is Katrina, I collect those cute little Kitchen fairies, I think I have around 50 now, My husband is a wood crafter and he made me a gorgeous cabinet to keep them in, I am left handed, I am a book Worm and I have read over 1000 books. My dream is to have my very own book nook which my hubby is promising me in the near future, I drink my coffee black with a splash of French vanilla, it is so yummy that way, I hope you will enjoy my blog, and Thank you for stopping by!

Love Annie xoxoxo


24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Ann, I was away on hiatus for a quite some time. I visited your blog but I dont see any new posts. Are you okay? I hope you are alright. I know its been a while and I wasn’t able to keep up. Did I miss something?

    • Hello Doll, I have also been away, so I am kind of out of the loop, I was so happy to see your note, so thank you! I am a bit busy right now but I should be back to blogging in a few weeks!!! Nice to hear from you!!


  2. oh. coffee with a splash of French vanilla, just how i drink it too! i thought i’d visit a bit to ty for liking our co written poem, encouragement is always really appreciated. i hope you have a wonderful day!.

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