It was always you

My Entry for a poetry contest held by opinionated man, click link for details,


It Was Always You…..

You left me alone still drunk from your kiss, I waited here for you, in the aftermath of our love, why do you haunt me from the Abyss,

You knew that I was drowning, I know that you felt it, but you left me alone in this puddle of confusion, Can’t you see the cross I bear, it was you it was always you,

Sometimes at night I can feel you like a warrior that has come to claim his prize, Your mighty sword has cut me deep, and the bleeding never stops, why did you have to leave your spell upon me,

It is maddening, these chains you put upon my heart, Why can’t I break free? Sometimes when I sit by my window, I can feel you there just like you never left,

The sun sits on my shoulders and the warmth engulfs me like the heat of your kiss, and when the gentle winds blow, I am once again swept away into your arms

No it is not a dream, I feel you, you are there, I know it is you, it was always you, I told you you could stay, and your kiss answered me that you would,

You whisper you belong to me, with your arms wrapped so tightly  around me, and your heart beating frantically, I feel as though I could faint, I begin to tremble, I know I can’t escape, nor do I want to,

Everything around us is still, but only for a moment, that brief second before the storm begins, the oceans in your eyes hypnotize me, the warmth of your body, along with the urgency of your kiss, I can not hold back, I am tangled in the web that is you, I know I am defeated I surrender,

And then suddenly, it begins to rain, but I realize, they are just tears, each one a reminder, of the love I have for you, You have gone once again, like a theif in the night, and left me with only this yearning……

Poem written by Annmarie Marco of (Sweet Wildflower)


23 thoughts on “It was always you

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  2. Well I’m not a Poet, nor a professional writer, but I know the Beauty and Magic of words when they “Tough my Heart”,……THIS TOUCHED MY HEART 🙂 🙂 *Beautifully Written Words!* Thanks for sharing Annmarie, hope all is well your way….God Bless, *Catherine* xo

  3. This is a very beautiful – bittersweet piece. I can relate to this in two ways. I lost someone to death and the other just left. I feel this way about both if them. Lovely writing;)

  4. I picked this poem as one of the three that won my poetry contest. I will make this official tomorrow night, but for now can you please email me at if you are interested in the “prize” of posting on my website as a contributor this weekend. We can work out dates and times once you email me. Again, thanks for taking part and great poem! -OM

    • Thank you so much, I am truly honored and I would love to be a guest contributor on your website!!! I am so excited! Yayyy!!! I will E-mail you my address now, and thank you once again!!! Sincerely Annmarie

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