Woodsy reindeer Wreath

Isn’t this reindeer wreath just adorable? It is not hard to do, and it is a lot of fun! You can even make one as a Christmas gift for someone, or you can make your own cute little wreath to hang up just in time for Christmas!! Happy Holidays Everyone!


Materials Needed:

10-inch square of corrugated cardboard
Pinecone wreath, with a 7 in. opening or make you own, using 2 large bags of pinecones and a twig wreath for the base,
just hot glue pine cones and arrange and use smaller ones as needed until your wreath is completely covered.
A pair of Scissors
Marker, pencil, or pen
Adult-size brown knit ski cap, or if you can’t find brown, use pink for a girl, etc.
Pair of brown or black gloves
Several handfuls of fiberfill stuffing, a large 16.oz bag should be fine.
Low-temperature glue gun
Cloth-covered floral wire
1 red pom-pom (2 inches wide)I used a plastic red Christmas ball to make it look shiny.
2 white pom-poms (each 2 inches wide)
Two 1/2-inch circles of black felt
Small piece of brown craft foam
1 yard of wide ribbon, I chose a plaid pattern, but you can use whatever you like
Small bells (optional)

How to make it

Lay down the cardboard with the wreath centered on top of it. Trace around the inside hole, then remove the wreath and draw a second circle about 1 inch bigger than the rough one. Cut along the line for the bigger circle.

Stuff the hat and gloves with fiberfill. Place the cardboard circle in the hat opening and glue about an inch of the hat material to it. Let dry.

Carefully push the hat through the wreath until the cardboard back is flush against the back of the wreath. To hold in place, crisscross two pieces of floral wire across the back of the wreath and attach to the wreath to create a cross support.

If your wreath has a built-in hanger, make sure that it’s at the top, then glue the red pom-pom nose and white pom-pom eyes onto the hat. Add a black felt circle to each eye.

Cut ears out of brown craft foam. Ours are 4 1/2 inches tall. Wire the ears in place (just push floral wire through the foam and wrap around the wreath).

For each antler: a) Cut three 18-inch pieces of floral wire. b) Fold down the top inch of each wire. c) Insert the wires into the glove opening and up to the tops of three fingers. d) Twist the three wires together at the bottom of the glove and attach the antler to the wreath frame with this wire. Repeat with the other glove.

tie the ribbon into a large bow. Use floral wire or a pipe cleaner to attach the bow (and bells, if you like) to the bottom of the wreath.

If your wreath did not come with a hanger, make a wire loop at the back of the wreath and hang

I made this wreath and the photo’s belong to me, but it was not my idea, I just followed the instructions for my wreath here, http://spoonful.com/


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