“Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.”

“Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.”

Meet my dog KATRINA,

Katrina is a beautiful dog,  on the inside as well as the outside, She was born in Louisiana, and  was only a puppy when she was saved from the floods that ravaged through Louisiana during the infamous Hurricane Katrina, hence her name  KATRINA.  she has never forgotten that her life was spared, as she brings so much joy to others,  Mom had a stroke 4 years ago,( which she tells me don’t leave that part out, let your readers know) which left her completely paralyzed on her left side, when she is visiting, Katrina does not leave her sight, and actually assists my Mom in getting around, My mom even calls her ” MY GRAND DOG” she loves children, and is a pleasure to be around. her favorite hobbies are, playing in the snow, meeting new animals, and giving lot’s of kisses! her favorite snack is Begging strips made with BACON! I love her so much, she is one of my bestest friends!!!!!

Katrina is quite the gardener too!!

Katrina likes to garden too!

Katrina saying hello, to a turtle, she found in the yard. don’t worry Katrina, would never hurt this turtle, this is Katrina’s friend!


Just chilling inside, my back is turned, because I don’t like cat shows!571

She loves to play in the snow, my husband dug out a path for her so she could have some fun, after a snow storm.


She loves to jump and greet me to see how my day was when I arrive home!



10 thoughts on ““Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.”

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    • Thank you, Katrina is really a beautiful soul, she is so giving,and has brought so much joy to my family, thank you for having this contest, I really loved it!

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