» Daily Prompt: Non Sequitur

http://» Daily Prompt: Non Sequitur

Write a post about anything you’d like, but be sure to include this sentence somewhere in the final paragraph:

“He tried to hit me with a forklift!”

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a NON SEQUITUR.


GRAND PA !!!!!   Wait up, Out of breath I caught up to my grandfather, and said ” Grand pa why are you out here alone, walking in this field? where on earth are you going? My grandfather never turned to look at me, and kept walking, as he uttered an explanation, I’ve got something to do child, now run along , I don’t have time for all this chatter, not wanting to leave my grandpa alone, I continued the conversation, But what? what do you have to do Grand pa? I could tell by the tone in grandfathers voice he was getting annoyed by my insistent questioning, but he did offer up an explanation, I woke up this morning and there was no bacon and eggs to be had, you know how I like to wake up to my bacon and eggs, well, when I asked your grandmother, where my breakfast was she told me, that a sneaky old fox had broke into the chicken house, and killed all my chickens, and my prized pig Henry, Iv’e had that ol pig for nearly 7 years and Ive got an inkling, that ol  crank, Mr. Peters has something to do with this, I am going to go over to his farm now and give him a piece of my mind I will, 

As my grand father went on about what he planned to do to Mr. Peters, I looked ahead in the distance and saw this sign 


        Grandfather wait, I think we are going the wrong way, there’s a sign, it say’s Wear helmet, let’s get out of here grandfather, Grandfather blind as a bat approached the sign and continued to read, Let me see, well, now I have seen it all, grandpa say’s, imagine the nerve of that old coot, putting a welcome sign by his fence, to try to butter me up, It isn’t going to work Peters, I am on to you and your shenanigans!!!!  there was no convincing the determined old man, as we walked I seen yet another sign


Grandpa, This is not Mr Peters farm, we are on a construction site of some sorts, please let’s get out of here, this is so dangerous, can’t you see the sign, Child stop being a nervous purvis, I can read what is says!  What’s the big deal, a man has got to nap when he runs a farm, hey Peters finally did one thing right, I am thinking of getting one of these signs myself, hey maybe your grandmother will stop bugging me, when I am trying to get some rest, o.k. I’ll give you this one Peters, but I am still going to ring your neck for having that fox over and killing my pig and chickens!Then the strangest thing happened out of nowhere it seemed a horse had appeared,


and he was speaking to me, this is very odd indeed I thought to myself, but he simply said, My dear there is no such thing as a talking horse, I represent your conscience, and this is all a dream, and your just missing your grandfather, he risked his own life to save yours when you told your grandfather  “Mr. Peter’s, is a bad man , He tried to hit me with a forklift.”  it all made perfect sense to me, my grandfather never turned around, when I was speaking to him, because it was just a dream, My grandfather was going to Mr. peters farm to defend my honor, the chickens and the pig were fine. the wear your helmet sign, represents, my grandfather, always telling me to wear my hat when it was chilly, and then there was the danger of death sign, warning me of some future danger,  just then I awoke from my dream, and to the smell of bacon and eggs at my grandparents house, when my grandfather asked me if I would like to go help him chop some wood and get ice-cream afterwards, or we could stay in and get all the cleaning done, my answer was obvious, yes grandpa, Where do you keep the Windex!

Photo Credit:  Photo Gen, Free Stock Photos


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